Bryn & Dane’s was one of the first “healthy fast food” concepts I had ever heard of.  The first location opened in Horsham years ago and was especially unique because they were serving up farm fresh food (think smoothies, salads and wraps) through a drive thru.  Any one who has ever been trying to eat healthy on the go knows how difficult it can be to find good options.

Being one of the first of it’s kind, the spot became a cult favorite for local professionals who could now skip the convenience store for breakfast, lunch or a quick snack.  They are famous for their bowls and banana whips which are delicious and nutritious treats, and great for kids too.

Anyone who has ever been there during lunch knows how busy it can get.  They manage the masses using the touch screen ordering and point of sale system.  All you have to do is simply approach the screen and type in what you want then enter your payment method.  You take a number and wait for your order to come up.  Grab a table and they will bring it right to you.

With bustling locations in Plymouth Meeting, Malvern, Bryn Mawr, Horsham, and inside the Ambler YMCA, it is no wonder that they are making their move to center city (opening near Jefferson/Jeweler’s Row).  Another location is rumored to be opening in Uganda, where owner Bryn Davis, is doing philanthropic work.

It is also worth noting that all ingredients are locally sourced and the brand is very socially conscious.

I brought my husband there for the first time this weekend.  He works in New Jersey and always has a hard time finding healthy options during the day.  His eyes lit up when he saw the “Pee Bee + Jay” smoothie on the menu (strawberries, blueberries, peanut butter).  We split the Cabo Taco wrap with a side of sweet potato fries and upgraded the drink to a smoothie so he could try the aforementioned.

The wraps are so good I always consider ordering another before leaving but thought it better to resist with the promise that we will be back soon.  I assure you we will.

If you haven’t been yet, you should definitely check it out.  You won’t be disappointed.

You might even see me there 🙂