That’s her tagline, “Love the skin you’re in,” and that’s exactly how you’ll feel after a trip to Sharon Gordon Skin.  Situated on iconic Lancaster Avenue in Wayne, this cozy retreat is exactly what the doctor ordered if you’ve been neglecting your skin, like me.

I have been saying that I am going to get a facial and get on a better skin care regime for over a year now.  I got off track when I was pregnant because I was concerned about doing certain treatments or using certain products during that time.  I have been using very gentle products and I know they are not helping the lackluster appearance of my skin.  I just hadn’t made the time to prioritize and take the first step to go see an expert.

My aunt Vaughn (who has impeccable taste) told me about a woman she swears by and has been seeing for more than ten years named Sharon Gordon out on the main line.

I decided to take her word and book an appointment.

Just making the appointment felt good.  Like I was setting aside time for myself, so I can look and feel better.

I didn’t even know what services I was getting.  I just booked time with Sharon, to have her look at my skin and let her decide what I need.  I did know that she has the only, Skin Classic in the area, an electrodessication machine that removes irregularities from the skin using an electric current.

I was prepared to have my entire face electrodessicated if she recommended.

I walked in to her beautiful space and, in the spirit of having the full experience, helped myself to some lemon and mint infused water in her perfectly appointed waiting area.  There I filled out some paperwork detailing my history.

I was soon greeted by Sharon’s smiling face who welcomed me and asked, “What are we doing today?” to which I replied, “Whatever you need to do.”

She laughed and led me around her recently renovated offices, complete with multiple treatment rooms, designed with expansion in mind.  Sharon is actively growing her team and mentoring new aestheticians.  It took me just about two weeks to get an appointment with her as she and her services are in demand.

The final treatment room on the tour was the room we would use.  She left me to change and I quickly readied myself.  There was a chocolate waiting for me atop the robe that was folded on the treatment bed.

When Sharon came back in the room, she looked at my skin under the light.  I told her I had spots that I didn’t like and wanted my skin to look more even toned and glowing, (of course).  I was thinking that she would probably use the Skin Classic over my whole face.

I was interested to hear Sharon’s opinion on my skin and how we can get it to where it needs to be.  I told her I was ready to invest in my skin and wanted to undo previous damage.  I am totally over getting sun on my face and chest for multiple reasons including the prevention of cancer and aging.  I have sun spots and want them gone.

She said, “Your face is completely dehydrated.  Also, the damage (brown spots) are in the dermal layer of the skin, which is underneath the epidermal layer.  The Skin Classic only works on the epidermal (top) layer.  We will have to exfoliate the skin, over and over to get more even looking skin.”

Then, Sharon gave me a little education in the life cycle of skin.  Essentially, when you’re younger, your skin regenerates constantly, every two weeks to thirty days.  As we age, naturally that slows down and therefore the regeneration cycle slows down leaving us with less than plump skin.  The way to get things stimulated is to cause insignificant but impactful injury to the skin that in turn signals regeneration of cells.

On this particular day Sharon recommends doing so using a combination of dermaplaning (which uses a scalpel to scrape off the top layers of skin) and microdermabrasion (which uses a spray of microcrystals to exfoliate the top layer of the skin) followed by an oatmeal honey calming mask to hydrate and settle the skin.

The procedures left my face feeling like baby skin.  It was exactly what I needed to get the outer layers of my face off with essentially no down time.  Sharon told me it was now up to me to keep my face feeling fresh, exfoliated and nourished.  I purchased the moisturizer she recommended (PCA Silkcoat Balm) I haven’t worn a drop of makeup since.

I will wear makeup again soon but I didn’t want to ruin the fresh skin feeling.  At her command, I cleaned all of my makeup brushes with baby shampoo and I intend on doing my part at home.  If I can keep my skin exfoliated and hydrated and make a plan to see her every 5-6 weeks for a combination of the above and chemical peels, I can diminish the appearance of spots and fine lines on my face.

But, before I go, isn’t there anything on my body we can electodessicate with the Skin Classic?  I need to see this puppy in action.

“Let me see your stomach,” Sharon said.

And there they were.  Eight small cherry angiomas that Sharon was ready to rid me of, immediately.

As she fired up the Skin Classic machine, “Any numbing cream?” I offered.

“Nope,” said Sharon.  “It only takes second and the pain is gone instantly.”

I am a baby and I can tell you a rubber band snapping is worse than this.  It is truly over in an instant and in many cases the marks are invisible instantly as well.

Post care routine, “Forget about them.  There will be a little scab, nature’s bandaid, and they will fall off.”

After a unique check out process where you sit in wing chairs and discuss the day’s treatments and post care instructions, I got in my car feeling like a new woman with a mission to take better care of myself starting with my skin.  And that girl who didn’t prioritize herself or her skin?  She was electrodessicated by Sharon Gordon.

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