It’s just a tiny, unassuming corner cafe. But if you’ve ever eaten at Day by Day, I’m sure you’ll agree, it’s one of the best kept secrets in town.

Situated on the corner of 21st & Sansom Streets, this hot spot is serving up brunch every Saturday & Sunday 9:30-2:30pm and lunch every weekday except Monday.

Expect to see regulars and a little line of patrons patiently waiting with their bottles of bubbly in hand on the weekends, because it’s that kind of place.

Maybe it’s that neighborhood feel; the fluffy eggs, the smell of La Colombe and fresh OJ in the air that keeps everyone coming back.

*Pictured, the smoked salmon omelette.

I know for me, it’s the hot pastry basket. Don’t skip it.

Did I mention they cater?